It’s features and benefits that set Apollo Valves apart from the competition. 5 year warranties, no charge stainless steel handles, ease of maintenance, quality that you’ve come to trust through Apollo Valves, and Made in the USA. These are qualities that Apollo Valves by Conbraco Industries Inc do not take lightly.

Apollo Valves has taken the time to do extensive market research on what you need in a backflow preventer. Through our experienced engineering and sales team we have brought to you what you asked for. A competitively priced, easy to maintain, Made in South Carolina; full backflow preventer line.

You can count on Made in the USA... You can count on Apollo Valves.

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Allowing design engineers to easily determine the pressure losses of Apollo Backflow Preventers across assemblies 1/2” through 12” assemblies.

The "Apollo®" Advantage

"Apollo®" Valves' backflow prevention devices are best in class, in terms of ease of maintenance. They utilize minimal size and shape. Additionally, "Apollo®"'s backflow preventers process superior pressure drop ratings, boast an industry leading five-year warranty, and are domestic bronze and stainless steel constructed and assembled in the U.S.A.

“Apollo” engineering team sponsors UNCC student project

"Apollo" Valves engineers meet with the student design team during the Senior Design Expo on May 6 at UNC Charlotte. The team is designing and building a new backflow test stand. “Apollo” Valves has teamed up with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to sponsor...

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Looking for water treatment options?

Water quality has been in the news a lot lately. Lead and PFAS chemicals have been hogging the headlines, but copper and various kinds of micro-organisms can cause problems, too. In response, many homeowners are considering whether to install or upgrade water treatment equipment. Why treat your wat...

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