5 Reasons 'Made in the USA' Matters

By "Apollo" Valves
July 12, 2018

Manufacturing is about turning raw materials into products of value. It grows our economy and raises our standard of living. It creates jobs and builds communities. And now, it seems people are recognizing that it matters where the things that we buy are made.

There are many reasons for choosing products wearing the “Made in the USA” label. Here are just a few.

1. Ethical and responsible practices

U.S. manufacturers are serious about the safety of their employees, neighbors, and customers. They follow standards that protect workers from harmful or dangerous jobs. They meet environmental regulations, and they make safe, reliable products. Who wants to buy something cheap if it puts their health or even life at risk or if people were injured making it? Buy products made in the USA and you can be confident the manufacturer was operating ethically and responsibly.

2. Flexible logistics

Shipping from Asia can take weeks, and there's always a risk of delay. Weather, port disputes, and paperwork can all cause problems. Manufacturers have to hold more inventory, but that complicates responding to design changes or customer requests. Manufacturing in the U.S. makes a business more flexible and adaptable, able to roll out improvements quickly, and react promptly to requests or complaints.

3. High-technology manufacturing

U.S. workers are among the most productive in the world. That's partly due to education and training, but it also reflects on continuing investment in lean manufacturing and new technologies. CNC machines, rapid prototyping, and automation reduce variability and lower costs, while lean helps drive out quality issues and creates more satisfying jobs.

4. Oversight

Distance and time zones make it incredibly hard to monitor overseas production. Manufacturing and product development are divorced, and it’s difficult to tell if parts are being made the right way. Have cheaper materials been substituted for those in the drawings or specifications? It's hard to know.

5. Quality

When a company manufactures in the U.S., it can make a better, more consistent product. That benefits both the customer and the producer. There's less waste, which helps keep costs down, and the customer gets a superior product.

Buy wisely

Every day you make choices about where to spend your money. Buying products made in the USA is a smart move. You get a superior product that was made following responsible practices, and your purchase keeps your money in the U.S. to create jobs and build strong communities. “Made in the USA” matters a great deal.

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